Science Education for Primary Children
This document helps teachers to promote indepth and exciting learning for primary children in science.
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Science Education for Primary Children: Suggestions for Teachers

This document outlines science ideas about the Living World, Natural Features of the World, Space, the Physical World and the Material World that are appropriate for primary school children. It also contains notes and suggestions to enable teachers to implement a science programme that encompasses these ideas.

About the Author: Science Education for Primary Children: Suggestions for Teachers was originally written by Dr Fred Biddulph for Selwyn School (Rotorua, New Zealand) and Glenview School (Hamilton, New Zealand). Fred Biddulph was a primary teacher for many years, and was the Research/Project Officer for the University of Waikato-based Learning in Science (Primary) Project. His doctorate was in Science Education. He also lectured in science education at the University of Waikato. In addition, he was principal adviser for the development of the Sunshine Science Programme, and co-authored 36 science books for children (published internationally by Wendy Pye Limited).